Computer-Mediated Communication

ProfessorDr. Mike T. Hubler
Offered: Fall
Credits: 3.0
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From the Professor

"CM 401 teaches students about the nature of the Internet and the Web as a new medium for human communication that creates unique possibilities for conveying ideas, organizing information, adapting to audience, and persuading an audience.  Students learn to think critically about the Web as a communication medium and apply their knowledge to information architecture, navigation, layout and content development."
-Dr. Mike Hubler

Catalog Information

Examines the process by which people create, exchange, and perceive information using networked telecommunications that facilitate encoding, transmitting, and decoding messages. Explores the forms and functions of communication on the World Wide Web. Prerequisite: CM 113, CM 231, or CM 313, and MIS 110 and MIS 114 or equivalent experience. Lab Fee: $40.

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