Introduction to Computer-Mediated Communication

Professor: Dr. Mike Hubler
Offered: Fall/Summer (1st six weeks)
Credits: 3.0
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Catalog Information

This course provides an overview of the Internet, the Web and the Computer-Mediated Communication program. Students will learn internet technologies and basic HTML scripting with the context of the history of pioneers and situations in which they were created. The course also includes a computer skills assessment (followed by required training, as needed, using computer-based skills development programs), an introduction to the field of Computer-Mediated Communication and the practices of Web development, an introduction to each of the areas covered in the program (communication, studio art, and the management of information systems), and an explanation of how these areas are related. The course will be taught every year with the help of instructors from each of the areas in the program. Lab Fee: $20.

Here's what students had to say about this class...

"Essential to the overall web cognate because it gives an overview of what the cognate will offer you as a student." -Shawn Owens, '01

"A great class... gives you a taste of what's to come while being worthwhile on its own merits." -Jessica Sheffield, '02