Who is on the IRB?

The IRB falls under the purview of the Office of Research. Our policies and procedures have been cleared by the Office of Counsel. Our Federalwide Assurance number is FWA00011488.

The IRB committee for UAHuntsville consists of:

Dr. Pam O'Neal, Nursing (Chair)
Dr. Tim Stewar, External Reviewer - Pediatrician
Dr. Christopher Allport, Accounting
Dr. Jodi Price, Psychology
Dr. Krishnan Chuttar, Chemical Engineering
Dr. Roy Magnuson, Biological Science
Dr. Kathy Newman, Nursing

Ms. Felecia Troupe, ex officio member and Associate Director of Sponsored Programs

Please direct any inquires concerning the IRB to Dr. Pam O'Neal, IRB Chair, at irb@uah.edu or 256.824.5191.